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Pronto Professional

A Fully Integrated, Scalable ID Card Software Solution

Pronto Professional software by PlastiCard offers a proven cost effective solution for your ID Card requirements. You can link the design to databases, encode magnetic stripe, process smartcards, create effects and manage overlay, hologram or scratch off ribbon. With Pronto fully integrated environment, it is very easy to design a card linked to a database.

The Pronto easy Database feature allows you to use it as a simple data entry and print software. It has powerful imaging features, place a logo file, read pictures from digital photo cameras or use real time imaging through Video for Windows. Save acquired images on the database. Access security to card printing is provided via the Pronto SmartCard Key and user selectable passwords.

Pronto Professional Card Design Software can print using DCL (Direct command language) to most popular card printers in the market and virtually any printer through drivers, including page printers. Scalability is available through editions in order to meet users needs and budget

General Features

  • Integrated environment - Everything is at your fingertips, easy, visible, and usable.
  • WYSIWYG environment - No need for preview operations.
  • Database Access - No import or export operations, ODBC database access.
  • 6 Languages - English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian
  • Logins - Separate access rights for each user: design, edit data, print or setup.
  • Front & Back - Convenient design of both sides of the card.
  • 32 bits application - Microsoft Windows 95, 98 and NT

Imaging Features

  • Twain - Scanner,digital camera or any twain device to aquire photos.
  • Videl for Windows(VFW) - Real Time video on a card.
  • Image on a Field - No need for separate image files.
  • Image on a PDF - Encode photos on a PDF417 two-dimensional barcode.
  • Image Tools - Comprehensive set of image retouch function.
  • Open from file - BMP, TIF, TGA, PCX, JPG.

Design Features

  • Text - Align, rotate, color text, and much more. Use of all Windows fonts.
  • Barcodes - Major types, rotate, align. Check digits, human readable.
  • Shapes - Lines, rectangles filled and unfilled, orthogonal lines, diagonal lines.
  • Overlay - Security features, images on overlay. Exclude magstripe or chip.
  • Batch Print - Pre-print, revise, select, print overlay management.

Encoding Features

  • SmartCard Plug In - Any SmartCard application can be run at print time.
  • Magnetic encoding - ISO Track 1, 2 and 3 directly or via Windows driver. Custom encoding.

Printing Features

  • DCL's - Direct Command Language, maximum speed and error control.
  • Multi Head Printers - Mass Production. Allow multiple cards to be printed simultaneously.
  • Print via driver - Print via driver. Page printers.
  • Auto Print - Automatically print cards by adding records.
  • SmartDownload - Reduces graphic data send to the printer, improves speed.

Database Features

  • Internal database - Creat your own database without a need for an external application.
  • Database query - Select the desired record set using queries.
  • Find Function - Locate specific records.
  • ODBC - Maximum Connectivity. Access, Paradox, FoxPro, Excel, Text, SQL.
  • Definable Views - Show/hide fields from database.
  • Browse - Browse records view.
  • Database Repart - Create, save & print a listing of your database, including photos.

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